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Women Perfumes

Buy Perfumes for women from Sanaulla Store. We are now bringing a variety of women perfume, fragrances and cologne collections in Pakistan. Find your favorite branded perfumes for women online at our store. Get cash on delivery all over Pakistan. Sanaulla store is one of the best Branded Women's Perfumes Online Store in Pakistan.
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Branded Perfumes for women in Pakistan – Perfumes for Women Online

Looking for a branded perfumes for women in Pakistan?, there are many retailers who are selling perfumes labelling them as original but they are not even near to A+++ copy, Sanaulla stores 100% genuine designer perfumes from all the famous brands all across the world, you`ll find a wide range of perfumes like Hugo boss, davidoff, bvlgari, Lacoste, Chanel, Armani, Burberry, ck, d&g, Dior, Dunhill, Gucci, versace.  Every women wish to buy original branded perfumes but some of them are little bit expensive Sanaulla also offer best deals on designer perfumes at the ever loving prices.

Women Perfumes in Pakistan

You`ll see a wide range of branded perfumes at Sanaullastore. Let me describe some of them so it`ll be easy for you to choose it according your taste.

Hugo Boss Perfumes for women

Hugo boss is a well-known German luxury fashion house which has a wide range of perfumes for both men and women, the luxury smell which this brand provides is something no women wants to skip. Here is the list of the top 10 Hugo boss perfumes. 1) Hugo boss pure purple for women, 2) Hugo boss Hugo women, 3) Hugo boss femme, 4) Hugo boss essence de women, 5) Hugo boss deep red, 6) Hugo boss orange sunset, 7)Hugo boss orange charity, 8) boss intense, 9) Boss nuit pour femme, 10) Hugo Boss Hugo XX.

Davidoff Perfumes for Women

This is a swiss base brand and was founded by Zion davidoff they launched their first perfume back in 1996 and it was remarkably successful, every davidoff perfume caries the legacy left behind by its founder. Zino davidoff created fragrances ranging from clean and crisp to musky and woody, fit for the urban life style. Here are the top 10 davidoff perfumes for her. 1) davidoff echo women EDP, 2) davidoff cool water EDT, 3) good life by Zino Davidoff, 4) davidoff cool water 4 piece EDP, 5) Zino davidoff echo women EDP, 6) davidoff cool water game, 7) davidoff cool water into the ocean, 8) davidoff sea scents and sun, 9) davidoff women freeze me, 10) davidoff cool water sensual essence.

Dior Perfumes for Women

Dior was founded on 16 December 1946, at Paris, France. This brand indicates your style and class the fragrances from Dior are very classy and strong. Some of the famous perfumes from Dior are: 1) Miss Dior for women, 2) Jadore by Christian Dior for women, 3) Christian Dior by poison girl, 4) Diorissimo Dior Poison Girl, 5) Christian Dior Miss Dior ED.

Burberry Perfumes for women

This famous luxury brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, till now they`ve been very successful in creating their name for almost 70 years. All of the men and women perfumes and cologne offered by this company are of premium quality. Some of their top famous perfumes for women are. 1) Burberry for women EDP, 2) Burberry Brit for women, 3) Burberry London for women, 4) Burberry weekend for women, 5) Burberry the beat for women.

Armani Perfumes for women

Armani was declared the world most successful designer by Forbes in 2000, their fragrances are constructed around a simple concept, interpreting the world’s most precious ingredients through the creative imagination of the most talented perfumes. Some of their top selling perfumes are: 1) Acqua di gio Armani for women, 2) Acqua di new, 3) Acqua di perfume satinee, 4) Acqua di gioia eac fraiche, 5) Acqua di gioia essenza.

Chanel Perfumes for women

This is the most luxury brand in all over the world they just not offer perfumes but also successfully providing handbags, clutches and dresses for women. Few drops of their perfumes gives you the best ever long lasting smell which you`ll never find in others. They launched their debut perfume in 1921 which has changed the whole world of fragrance. Top 5 perfumes of Chanel for women’s are: 1) Chanel no 5, 2) Chanel Coco mademoiselle EDP, 3) No. 19 by Chanel, 4) Chance EDP, 5) Chanel Allure EDP.

Best Perfumes for Women`s in Pakistan

It can be a very difficult task to find best perfumes for women in Pakistan, there are many fragrances in the market but if you`re one of those women who feel uncomfortable without a good scent, then you can understand what it means to get the right fragrance. Some of the best perfumes from all the famous brand all across the world are:

Davidoff cool water for women

This scent is very calm with aquatic notes that reminds us of ocean breeze and cool sea water, it provides you effective protection and freshness all day long.

Miss Dior for women

Miss Dior for women reveals the feminity of a sensual floral, it was created for an elegant and spirited young women in love it inspires an intensive and playful love.

100% original Perfumes for Women`s in Pakistan

Those days are gone when you get fooled by shopkeepers, the day when sanaullastore step in retail`s market it was a day of mourn for other retailers because Sanaulla offers 100% original perfumes at best affordable prices, so what to wait for? Hurry up visit our website sanaullastore.com and order you favorite perfume and get your product at your door step.


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