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Nureh aim is to achieve everything iconic, everlasting, and traditional in a diverse set of fabrics and yet in one ensemble. Clothing that consists of our eastern culture fused with a modern twist to make it relatable to a larger set of audiences globally.

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Imrozia Premium

Nureh Lawn Collection 2024

Nureh is a brand dedicated to capturing the essence of iconic, everlasting, and traditional styles according to the season. Nureh believe in providing outfits that beautifully blend our rich eastern culture with a modern twist, making them super classical and trendy.

The brand Nureh offers a wide range of outfits featuring both printed and embroidered clothes. Each and every piece is designed to add beauty and individuality to your wardrobe. Nureh is known for incorporating colors and ethnic handwork into their collection that represent our Pakistani culture.

Nureh Ballerina

Introducing Nureh’s Ballerina collection which is a representation of enchanting allure of chikankari embroideries. Immerse yourself in the graceful world of fashion where delicate threadwork meets timeless elegance. We have been a fan of Nureh Ballerina collection since forever now. Every season they come up with Ballerina collection that is just a treat to eyes. The way they have incorporated a chikankari touch to their outfits is what makes it super unique from other outfits. It is minimal yet elegant and trendy.

Nureh Lawn 2024

Indulge yourself in the vibrant colors and rich traditions of Pakistan with Nureh’s Lawn Collections. Every collection reflects a diverse and captivating Pakistani culture through its embroideries and exquisite designs. To experience the magic of Pakistani traditions and ethnicity, grab some masterpieces lawn outfits from Nureh and enjoy the culture heritage of your homeland. Nureh collection comprises of mixed color palette so you can choose according to what you are comfortable in.

If you are looking for outfits that are budget friendly yet super elegant and traditional then undoubtedly Nureh is the brand for you. You can shop a bunch of casual and formal dresses from this brand only at Sanaulla Store.

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