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Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal

The Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal is a very famous hand crafted footwear of all times. They have been going on since our grandparent’s time. Kolhapuri Chappal are made using leather. They are not only famous in rural parts of the country but also in the urban areas. The trend of Kolhapuri is very old and till date it has been on the top list when we talk about footwear.

As the name indicates, Kolhapuri Chappal were incorporated in India in a town named Kolhapur but it isn’t limited to that only. Kolhapuri Chappal have been famous all around the globe and every one in different parts of the world truly love them.


The fact that Kolhapuri Chappal are hand crafted with leather makes it super strong and they are even water proof to an extent. They are made with hand stitching and hence are super durable. Ladies Kolhapuri are a little different than men Kolhapuri Chappal. The front of ladies Kolhapuri is bit narrow and the chappal have a lot of detailing.

As mentioned earlier Kolhapuri’s are made with leather therefore they are super comfortable because they simply take the shape of your foot and you can easily carry it.

You can carry a Kolhapuri Chappal on multiple outfits at different occasions. There are a lot of varieties available in Kolhapuri with some unique detailing. You can find some delicate zari lace detailing to beautiful tassels and even an embroidered pati in the front.


The Kolhapuri Sandals were initially found in brown color the tanned leather color. But with the passage of time, these Kolhapuri chappal have gone through different new designs and styles, and now they have made it for people with different preferences too. You can find ladies kolhapuri chappals in all sorts of colors these days, ranging from black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and even more options are available.

Kolhapuri chappal are not only carried with a traditional eastern wear but in fact you can never go wrong with kolhapuri chappal paired with a jeans. They look super cool when paired up with a western outfit.

With that being said, there is absolutely no footwear that compliments your ethnic look the way Kolhapuri chappal do. Pair it up with a kurta, churidar or a long frock and you are all ready to rock. You can complete your look with a trendy kolhapuri that will give all traditional vibes making you look super elegant.


The best part of Kolhapuri Chappal is they are not season specific. You can wear it in summers and winters both. Although, the designs of Kolhapuri Chappal are contemporary to the recent fashion trends but still they are the most famous footwear when it comes to traditional wear.

They are purely made by hand stitching and a lot of hard work is done in order to make a perfect pair of Kolhapuri chappal. The Ladies Kolhapuri chappal offer a wide range of variety from simple basic patterns to some fancy decorated patterns for your festive looks.

Previously, Kolhapuri’s were only found in local markets but with the changing trends and the demand of kolhapuri a lot of designer brands have now introduced Kolhapuri chappal. You can get women kolhapuri chappal in a lot of different brands with a variety of options to choose from. Even in 21st Century where we have such new technologies and trends, these kolhapuri slippers from the 19th century are still in fashion and we all love them.

Some beautiful classic pair of Ladies kolhapuri chappal are a must have in your footwear collection that you can easily style in multiple ways.

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